Your pro or your a noob – thats life

“Your pro or your a noob – thats life”.

This is a quote from “Athene”, a gamer that was posting about how good he is in the game he plays, but I want to take this further.

“Pro” in this quote means “professional” and “noob” is a gaming term and you can see more of it’s definition on the urban dictionary page.

If you look at every aspect of your work as one that you want to do to the best of your abilities (that includes being a team-worker) then you are becoming a pro on all those levels that you develop. Noobs do things like they don’t care and pretend they did them like a pro, wanting the praise that a pro gets, for no work and no skills.

I know the terminology here (noob/pro) might be a bit lame, but you get the point.

Love every detail of what you do and work it like a master craftsman. The difference between a master craftsman and an apprentice is not in the knowledge of a technique (it can be explained in few minutes), it’s in the skill of making all the details perfect and being patient with the process every step of the way.

1) Be patient and don’t rush – this will result in more issues to solve later which will leave less time and will make you rush even more;
2) Love your work craft every detail of it as if it’s going on a display tomorrow;

Also, don’t work just so that you are recognized for it, do it because you love it and you have a need, a drive to do it that doesn’t let you sleep, that gives you satisfaction. Do your work with a passion!


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