The most useful articles on getting started with React.js and Redux

This article will be a live thread – I will keep updating it. The idea is to have one central place for all the useful information, not every single article on the subject out there, but the ones I found personally useful:


One of the most useful and well written articles when it comes to explaining Redux and how it works:

Redux’s documentation is great, make sure you read it (play with the examples as well if you struggle in your own implementation):

A huge list of articles, add-ons and tutorials to get you started – Awesome Redux:


A very good article to start learning the basics of React quickly:

This is also a good start if you know javascript and jQuery:

Once you have a read through the above you can create a simple app with React following this tutorial by Tyler McGinnis:

Use this react boilerplate to setup a working environment quickly:

A must-bookmark-list of useful resources:

JSX – a year in:

ES6 & Babel

Understanding ES6 modules with Babel:

Mozilla docs – exporting modules:

Mozilla docs – importing modules:

Courses on React:


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