The true friend

The true friend is a rare creature. They are not defined by the things that make people popular or well regarded (not necessarily at least).

The true friend does not have to be there all the time even. It might not be someone you talk to every day. You might not know how their day has been or what their plans for tomorrow are. They could be far away.

The true friend doesn’t appear clearly in everyday existence, especially not when everything is going well, when the spirits are high and life is dandy.

In the same way that troubled times show us our true colours, it is then that we see the true friend. When the energy is low, resource is scarce and everyone else pretends that they are busy and do not know you.

The true friend can be silent, almost invisible at times, maybe even disliked for it by others, but when the time comes to rely on someone, when your own faculties are giving up and you truly cannot hold and stand, that is when they appear the brightest and lift you up.

They are there to listen to your pain in silence, with understanding and compassion and in that silence you feel connected and secure. They do just enough when you need it, with measure and love, with altruism.

I am blessed to have such friends, they are not many and I don’t need many, because the few that are there are more than I would ever need.

Do you have true friends and have you told them what they mean to you?

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2 thoughts on “The true friend

  1. Wonderfully put. Brief and impactful. Yes, I do have true friends, and they are there when you need them, one of them even wrote this article. :*

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