The paradox of precious

This paradox is especially apparent when you have to let go of something precious. For example, when you travel and visit a place – unique, it fits you, you are connected to every element there – the people, the weather, the way you spend your time. It feels as if it is the perfect moment, nothing you wish to change, you appreciate every detail. And then it’s time to leave. You want to hold to everything there, to remember it, to stay in that moment, but the time to leave it comes closer and closer.

This is what makes that place, that moment even more precious – it won’t last forever.

Sometimes we try to hold to it too much, so much that we miss the opportunity to enjoy what is in front of us, to pay more attention to the situation/place/person rather than to our own effort of preventing the impossible passing away. We hide behind the lens, we try to write down and describe everything we see, hear, smell. But what if we stop? What if the fear is silenced and the focus moved to what is happening on the outside? Observing, appreciating, feeling what is there now.

Precious implies scarce and exclusive. Yet, we keep trying to get more than it is possible from it without realising that then we will loose it, because it won’t be precious anymore. Accept that the nature of precious is to not be enough or always available. That will help you enjoy it while you have it.

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