The infinity perspective

I am not a mathematician. But I know that there is an infinite number of numbers between zero and one. 0.1, 0.2, 0.3… And then, the same between one and two, between two and three…

The other side of things

So often we get caught up in our dreams. The reality is that often they are not our dreams. The things we wish for often derive from the realities of the people around us, the ones we met, the ones that inspired us. Nowadays, we are encouraged to dream big, to think big, to aim far and to achieve a lot. We chase, we run after those goals to the point where the speed with which we move is so fast that everything around is blurry – a stream of colors and lights, of impressions and others’ lives.

I am in that river of constant chasing of goals and dreams.

A life in the first infinity

There are so many infinities. In fact, there are an infinite number of infinities. The same is valid about the number of perspectives in the world, because each person with their bundle of experiences and believes has their own perspective.

The chasing often feels as if we are trying to conquer all infinities, to encompass them all. Anything less and it will be short from a worthy achievement, anything less and we won’t deserve to be satisfied.

But there is a truth, a simple understanding that gives the great power of happiness. It lies between zero and one. In seeing that a whole life can be spent in the infinity between zero and one. Instead of chasing the multitude of infinities, everything can be found in the first one. And that is a perspective as well. It is the perspective of being satisfied with what you have, because it is an infinity and you can explore it till the rest of time and there will still be more to find.


It is not about rejecting growth and change, about desiring improvement and seeking more. They are a natural part of who we are as humans. But each one can be found in a single infinity, in exploring what we already have rather than lack.

Appreciation is the vital tool that can forge satisfaction. If we could stop and look around, observe, see the riches that are in every moment, the opportunities, the abundance. It brings fundamental peace to know that we do have.


The first infinity for me is where I am, what there is around me. I have realised that in my constant search for more, for improvement I often miss out on what already is here for me. The people, the experiences. Having the glasses that focus me on “more” and the goals that are far I am often blind to the many little details that sustain me. That blindness is robbing me from being grateful and as a result happier and more content, less stressed and healthier.

This though, changes in an instant. As soon as the focus is directed to what you have, you can be grateful and happier. This is what I want to bring to your attention (and mine). Spend one minute and thing about what you have. I am grateful, are you?

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