So confusing

That’s life, the life every one of us has to live and we co-share it like that.

There’s no set path to what is to happen next, there’s no right, only way of doing things, and it’s mostly confusing, or if it’s not, then it should be, because it is.

We are the weirdest creatures on Earth, with an inexplicably complex set of factors influencing our reactions, our decisions. We still don’t know shit about a lot, but we pretend we do, just so we can subdue the confusion for a bit, as it makes us feel uncomfortable. But I think it is ok to be confused, it is to be accepted and it is inherent in the complexity that we must work with.

However, there’s a foundation, that is never changing. The life of people is about people, and I believe, from experience, that the best way to walk through it is with humility and honest, with ample awareness of everyone else around, of the bigger picture and of one’s own self. Gratitude and honesty are the ailments for the sore cuts that injustice and ignorance create.

It is confusing, what to do next, what’s right and what is to be avoided, but within the mist of confusion, there is always the lighthouse that should steady us. You are unlikely to see everything clearly, because seeing it clearly is to see it unsettled and confusing. But the confusion should direct our attention to those most important assets that we have, those around us, those that we love and love us back, all else that we have and fail to notice, ourselves and the opportunity to be.

Confusing is not bad, it is how it is and that’s good enough. Rejecting it is painful, accepting it allows us to ironically see more clearly what we already have.

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