Regrarians – Branding

Regrarians is a family own company that provides regenerative landscape designs. They are based in Australia, but do work all over the world with designs and projects in more than 40 countries.

Darren Doherty came to me with the request to update their logo and add more symbolism and create something that he likes and would resonate with their audience.

The pictogram in the logo has much symbolism and many elements as Darren requested, each of which represents a step in the design process that Regrarians use to create sustainable natural systems.

Logo - Inverse


Darren was very happy with the final result and we went on to develop a set of icons they would use for each for each of the chapters for his upcoming book.

Regrarians Elements Mock-up copy


The font for the new branding is Frontenac. It provides a good set of different weights and works well for as a body font.


The main colours are black (not pure) and white with a combination of secondary colours – blue and green in different combinations depending on the context.

Future development

We will be working with the company to develop the new look for their website, improve some of the products they have and develop stationary and promotional materials. The website can be found at

Technologies used:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

Design skills:

  • Branding and identity development
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • Print design
  • Logo design