Applicant Tracking System – Mobile App

The example below is an applicant tracking system designed as a native Android mobile application. The project was commissioned by TribePad for KFC.

The main functionality includes:

  • Viewing active jobs and the total numbers of candidates that have applied for those jobs;
  • Viewing the list of candidates for each job;
  • The ability to move candidates through the steps of the application process;
  • The ability to see a candidate’s profile, including their screening questionnaire answers.

Technologies used:

  • Adobe Illustrator

Design skills:

  • Google’s Material design framework
  • Layout
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • Wireframing
  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Interaction design
  • Usability

The application’s login screen. Accounts are set on a global company level.

The list of jobs. Recruiters have the ability to search through the list in order to find the jobs they need. Each job shows the number of total candidates that have applied for that job, and also the number of new applications since the last login. Moreover, each listing displays the expiry date and the location for the job advert.

Tapping on a job lists the applicants for that job. At a glance, the recruiter can see the total number of candidates for each step of the application process. Each candidate listing shows a total score based on their pre-screening questionnaire answers and a status (“Incomplete”, “Application Submitted”). The recruiter can move a candidate to the next stage of the application process by tapping on the “thumbs up” icon or to the rejected list by tapping on the “thumbs down” icon.

Selecting more than one candidate allows for the action to be applied to all those selected. This is very important as it can save a lot of time for jobs that have a high number of applicants.

Once an action is selected, the list is updated. The recruiter can also undo their action.

Tapping on a candidate displays their profile. Each profile can contain general information, questionnaire answers (if applicable), portfolio (if applicable) and additional documents, such as certificates, awards, etc. The recruiter can move the candidate to the next step or to rejected (in the same way as shown on the previous screen).

There is also the option to skip a step in the process, and for example, directly invite a new applicant to an interview.

If a questionnaire has been assigned to the job, the candidate’s response to that questionnaire will be displayed on their profile.