Does pain have a silver lining?

Pain is something we do our best to avoid. It is true of pain in general but I write of the inner kind here. Often it builds pattern of behavior that lead us away from getting near it. We avoid being vulnerable and expose a weakness, or even entering new relationships of any kind quickly.

But when it inevitably comes, it can be on many levels and forms. It ultimately makes us feel raw, the same way a fresh wound does when you touch it. It is there, it hurts and occasionally when we forget about it and touch the spot accidentally it reminds us of its existence. If it’s because of someone, anything that reminds us of them stirs it up.

Nevertheless, there might be a silver lining to experiencing pain. This rawness, the vulnerability and heightened sensitivity are precious, similar to the most expensive glasses. The heightened sensitivity can help us tune in to experiences we’ve not had access to before.  In the world of masculinity and “be strong” it almost sounds ridiculous, but that sensitivity can bring a deeper understanding of the pain other experience. Or more enjoyment of the simple pleasures the natural world has to offer – sunlight on the face, beautiful music, touching the surface of calm water with your palm, seeing the smile of a loved one.

As something “bad” often when in the middle of pain we rush to escape it, to get rid of it as soon as possible, but it is a valuable part of life and one that can also be a source of positive and precious experiences.

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