Only you put limits on yourself

Recently I watched a video of the adaptive army athlete Luke Ericson describing his journey of training, competing and winning the 2015 WODAPALOOZE fitness festival.


Luke was born without his left arm, has underdeveloped left lung and type 2 diabetes.

I can do all the same things as everybody else. I would just do most things differently than everyone else did.

Talking about the competition and the challenges in front of him, Luke said:

The only limitations that I have are the ones I put on myself.

When I heard that sentence, it strongly resonated with me in that moment. I was feeling at a low point, doubting my decisions, my plans and my abilities and everything around me. And there was this guy, that was energetic and positive despite having difficulties that I didn’t have and wouldn’t consider. It really impacted me and kinda woke me up.

I realised: “**** yes, I am the only reason that I feel down. I keep putting pressure on myself – unhealthy pressure – bashing everything I do and seeing it as no progress instead of looking at everything as a step towards improvement.”

You can do whatever you wanna do. You only put limits on yourself.


Life is hard as it is, even on your own you have to deal with a lot of challenges and problems – getting out from bed sometimes feels like climbing a mountain. When you surround yourself with people that don’t believe you can get where you want to get, when they bombard you with reasons why what you want is impossible or will fail then you suffocate the little flames of motivation and energy that are trying to grow.

As people we get inspired by example and we want to replicate what we see – look at kids. If you think this is not true for adults you are wrong. Realising this and accepting it would give you strength.

Decide what you want, see who you are, what skills you have and surround yourself with people that will nourish all of it and with love would remove that parts that hinder you from becoming a better person.

The people that are telling you “you can’t do it” or “this is bs, not possible” are not to be blamed – they are honest, speaking what they believe. It is your responsibility to make the decision. Prove them wrong, if they stop you, move away – it’s up to you to decide.

Never let someone else control your happiness or your future, or what you do with your life. You are the one that is in control of your own happiness. Don’t surround yourself with ney-say-ers, or people that don’t believe in you, or that aren’t completely interested in your well being and your hopes, and your dreams. If there is something that you want to obtain, you can have it if you just want it bad enough

“[…] you can have it if you just want it bad enough” – Part of that can be to make the difficult decisions that you are avoiding. Sometimes you have to loose the people around you, so that you can get on the path that you have chosen. They might be trying to hold you back, not out of hate or envy necessarily, but because of the fears that hold them.

I find this empowering, how about you?

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