One of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done

Last year I saw an idea that I thought was brilliant and fit well with what I believe in. I decided to apply that idea and today the fruits from it came ripe. I’ve rarely in my life felt more rewarded and glad for a decision.

“Thank you Mr Pavlov”

Last year I decided to donate my birthday. What that meant was that I set up a just giving page and anyone that wanted to give me a present would just donate the money there instead. I would match up to £200 pounds if the donations reached £200. And they did. All the money were donated to a home for orphans in Bulgaria in a small town called Yakoruda.

Why that town? Because I passed a summer before through there on a short cycling trip and loved the place. I also saw that they had a home for orphans and the two ideas somehow merged into one.

It took a while to get myself organised, to transfer the money and all that, but recently it happened and the image above was taken last Friday at a party with presents, organised for the kids using the donation money.

The £464 may not sound like a lot, but in Bulgaria that is a lot of money to donate and especially for that home.

The images they sent me really hit deep and made me realise that I’ve never in my life done something as rewarding as this, yet so simple and easy to do. But one thing disturbed me, the thanks in that photograph shouldn’t go just to me, but to everyone who donated. They are all listed on the just giving page:

Here are some more photos from the party. Each of the kids received a new set of cloths and footwear.

Even not being there, I feel like it’s the best birthday I’ve ever had!

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