Hiring Poster for TribePad

One of my clients (TribePad), for whom I do front-end development and graphic design projects, came to me today and asked for a poster that they can place around their area, since that zone has many students studying IT courses in the university.

I have worked on their branding before and that was a given benefit, since some of the elements were available for the poster.

The background pattern brings the attention to the center of the image, not too much in your face, but it is noticeable. In the center you can see the boldest element in the layout – the dark blue circle with the main point of the poster – “We’re HIRING“.

If you squint your eyes and look at the hierarchy of the poster, the elements that stand out most are “TribePad …. We’re HIRING ….. PHP Software Developers……” – and this is good, because that’s the main message.

I’ve tried to create a balance in the colors by mixing the blue and orange throughout the layout. However, notice that the smaller text after the list of job positions, is in blue, but it is smaller. Intentionally so, because the darker blue color stands out more in the context of the orange, and we don’t want it to dominate, but rather provide a foundation for the orange text, so that it doesn’t “float”.

I didn’t come up with the text, but the “30+ million users in 125 countries” is a compelling, attention gathering message, later to be strengthened by “one of the fastest growing businesses” (primary importance) ….. “in the region” (secondary).


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