One writes

An immensely strong message that I feel and recognise, given by Eduardo Galeano, 1978:

One writes out of a need to communicate and to commune with others, to denounce that which gives pain and to share that which gives happiness. One writes against one’s solitude and against the solitude of others. One assumes that literature transmits knowledge and affects the behaviour and language of those who read… One writes, in reality, for the people whose luck or misfortune one identifies with – the hungry, the sleepless, the rebels, and the wretched of this earth – and the majority of them are illiterate.

… We are what we do, especially what we do to change what we are…

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Why the struggle to be better for others?

Why do we feel guilty when we don’t help and do something for others? Ignoring that friend’s message when we know he needs us but we don’t have the energy for it. When we promised to do something for someone, but those dishes really need washing. The time to do it is there, but we just can’t be bothered to get it started. When there is no obvious benefit for us. Continue reading


The women’s day

Every day is women’s day, but today we get to be reminded of that!

I believe that women are strong, enduring and often wiser than men. I have seen this in the women in my life, in fact, they have taught me what it means to persevere, to work hard and with dedication. To love, but not the selfish “love”, rather the one where you are ready to give everything away for your love.

With the greatest respect and appreciation, happy women’s day! You make us better, keep smiling, forgiving and loving!

Special thanks and best wishes to my mom, my sister, my grandmothers and my dear better half.


Annual Plan 2018

Reviewing 2017 made me appreciate what worked throughout the year. It also exposed a few places where things didn’t go as I wished, which is OK, but I hope to improve them this year. Overall, last year was great in from my experience and I hope this one will go similarly. Continue reading