Polychrono and the morning boat


Taken near Polychrono in Greece. It was early in the morning and I was walking down the beach before sunrise. Then I saw 2 boats on the shore and one floating in the sea so I headed that way.

I positioned the tripod near the boats and tried some shots. Suddenly the boat started moving. The guy in the photo was pushing it into the water. He continued with the rowing boat to the anchored motor boat at the left of the photo.

The sun came out at the same time above the mountain tops in the distance.


The Peak District in Autumn

The forecast was for periodic showers with sunny intervals and for me it meant the perfect weather to do photography. I wanted to test a bivvy bag for the first time as well, overnight.

From the moment I conceived the idea of sleeping in the wild that evening I had doubts. First, I have never been sleeping in a bivvy bag before, even though I have spent many nights in the outdoors, I was basically going into a storm and was unsure if the bivvy bag would hold. Nevertheless, I decided to go.

I started my walk from The Fox House pub and went towards Baslow. The walk was beautiful and one I had never been on before. On the way I met a very friendly guy that had grown up in the area and we enjoyed each other’s company part of the way and he share with me part of the history of the place.

The sun started to set down and came though the thick clouds giving an intensely beautiful gold light with sharp contrast and dramatic scenery. I started taking pictures and below is one of the several I liked at the end.

Peak district cows before sunset

I love the setting and the peaceful nature of the mother, the grasses moving from the strong winds and the animal’s hair moving along with them. Also the colors I find warm and soothing.

I didn’t end up sleeping in the Peaks, since I really didn’t feel in the mood, but instead it was a wonderful walk with amazing views and few interesting photographs.

The lesson here is that “bad” weather is sometimes the best weather to go out exploring, especially from a photographic perspective.