Getting all the way to success is quite often and mostly boring. Reaching the goal, seeing the final result is a path and most of it is paved by little, ordinary boring steps. When we look at each of them, those steps seem like nothing important, nothing new and something we should just replace with all those interesting things that others are doing.

The hidden truth

The truth is that when we set our goals we are excited, motivated, puffed up. Seeing someone else’s success story or words that reach and resonate with us can do that. It makes you feel that you “just want to get out there and do it”. I feel the same, every time I read, see and hear about someone doing something great and inspiring.

But what it doesn’t say is what happens the next day, or maybe a week ahead, when the words of inspiration have faded away in time, and what seemed to makes so much sense then is now far away. So far in fact that you start to ask yourself “What am I doing, WHY am I doing this?!?”

Doubt starts to creep in and undermine the foundations of our convictions. The commitments we readily made in the beginning are now cracking with contra-arguments.

The grind

I call it “the grind”. The set of repetitive actions that we have to do every day. It is boring at times so much that you just want to leave whatever the task is and never come back to it. I get that quite often.

It seems like the tasks at hand don’t make any difference and that they never end. It feels like running on the same spot.

When we made the commitment we had time, we were fresh and rested – it just made sense. Now, there is pressure to do other things as well, stress from all sides, not enough time.

Even more, you see your friends going to the cinema, traveling around the world, happy photos all over Facebook and you feel like you are in a corner of your room, on your own, having to deal with stupid, mundane, little, unimportant stuff while everyone else are living the life.


The reality is, those little repetitive tasks make a massive difference, even more than you realise!

Success requires persistence, the
ability to not give up in the face of failure.

Learned Optimism: How to change your mind and your life p.111

Every time you do one more step on that boring road you are carving out one more piece to sculpt the sculpture of your character. Character if not something else is one of the greatest rewards that we get out from the grind and it is achieved through persistence.

We see people training outside in the cold while it rains, having sleepless nights to work on what they believe in, investing all their savings in one single idea only they envision as the solution to a great problem. We see them and we don’t understand how come they can do it. Is it not painful? It is, but they have the character to persist and go through the boring and difficult parts. Not everyone succeed, because not everyone have the character and motivation to do it. The people that do, we know we can trust and rely on, because they have proven that they won’t quit when things get hard, and they can make the boring parts count.


Staying consistent is important, not for others but for yourself. You might not see the difference in the little daily tasks and their impact, but there is one. Change slowly accumulates, you learn a little with every step. The “a-ha” moments are few, but the majority of the work about is making that little next step.

Don’t be embarrassed or think that you are alone in that corner of your room. The fact is, we all face this same challenge of the boring, we just don’t like to admit and talk about it. Face it! See it’s value and be proud that you are working on yourself, that you are going toward your goal!

At the end of the day we all want to say we did something great, but that great is mainly a set of little repetitive tasks, that can get boring but add up to a great worth.

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