Before I Fall

I loved this movie, it didn’t start promising but then it developed into something valuable.

It’s a movie about the normal days we have, or particularly as teenagers, but in my perspective that was not so relevant.

Without diving into the narrative or the storyline (so I don’t spoil it for others), the movie tells me the story that we live every day. The story of the choices we have to do the right thing or the thing that we think everyone else will like and approve of, so that we can remain hidden or kinda invisible, without confrontation. So that we can continue enjoying the smiles and the approval, even when we know they are not true.

Furthermore, it explores the truth about flying through our daily chores and tasks, through the days, seasons, years and what happens if we were to stop and were force to explore the same day from all angles until we do it the way our heart truly tells us to.

It is so difficult to tell some people that you love them, even when you do so much. It is even more difficult to tell them why. It always is, because we feel that love should be unexplainable and “big”, but in fact it can be just for a simple reason, for one specific thing that that other person has given us or inspires us for. They are still part of us in that way and we love them. Why not stop right now, write down the name of the person that you struggle most to tell them that you love them and one reason why you do?

It made me think, that the most precious moments I’ve had, or at least the ones I’ve been most proud of were when I had to stand agains that daily flow, to say the difficult things out loud when it would be awkward. Not for the sake of it, but when the spirit of the situation demands that someone comes out and says it but we all hide in the silence.

Silence is precious and valuable, all too unknown nowadays, but it can become a mask and a comfort zone exactly when it shouldn’t.

The movie reminded me how important it is to love, to show it, to tell it and to be honest even when it doesn’t serve your best social status. Not because it would bring you any benefits, but for yourself, to keep your peace of heart, to grow your character and to give an example of how a life could and maybe should be lived.

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2 thoughts on “Before I Fall

  1. I love you because you’re a really nice guy and a great friend! Always a pleasure to talk to and always great at giving good advice 😉 … and sometimes funny…sometimes!

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