Balkep Business Cards

Here is some work i did for Balkep, the balkan ecology project, which is a non-profit organisation founded by Paul Alfrey. It is located in Shipka, Bulgaria and it works in educating people about gardening, permaculture principles and other techniques of restoration agriculture. They are also very passionate about seed saving among other things. Check their website to find out more.

Paul came to me with the need of a logo that would fit square format, something that is very common nowadays with social media avatars. And it is also a practical version of your logo to have in general. He already had his logo for a while, so I decided not to change that and just re-organise it to get the desired result.

Moreover, Paul needed some business cards and I worked on those as well – you can see below. Now, you might also notice that the logo I’m showing above is different to the one on the back of the business cards – that is because of Paul’s specific request.


Business Card:

I wanted something clean and minimalist, also modern (think flat) since that’s what Balkep’s identity had been so far.


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