Are you comfy?

Think about it well. What is the most difficult thing in your day, is it that you don’t like how your blankets match the pillows, or which clothes to put on in the morning? That classifies in what I would call a comfy settling. That’s good, but you just need to be aware of it and to know that it means you are not working towards a change. Change always comes with difficulty and discomfort, with some sort of struggle.

Write down your biggest worry or difficulty this week. Think about it, the thing that is challenging you is the thing that defines how you are going to grow. In which direction, how much.

Choose your challenges to choose who you want to become is a fairly common perspective. What about looking at the challenges we have already to determine if we are on the right path? Am I working towards the thing I really want? Am I even really challenged or am I just comfy? What’s your case?

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