I keep trying to answer this question both for myself and others. Why do this? Why do you need to suffer, what’s the point, it is stupid!

This is in the context of type two fun, where you enjoy the experience not during but after it has finished.

For me, the answer lies in how amazing it is to be able to reach that kind of exhaustion and push through it. We live through perfectly controlled lives, especially from the perspective of the history of the world. Becoming sleep deprived, pushing your body through physical challenges, not having certainty and being in a place where you need to act quickly and solve the problems immediately in front of you – sleep, water, food, shelter – seems almost primal but it is an intimately familiar part of who we are as humans. A part we don’t always see (which is a privilege).

When you reach that point of exhaustion and push through, you become amazed at what you can achieve when you least expect it and it brings a new appreciation on what is possible. It gives you a fresh motivation and outlook you can apply to all aspects of your life – relationships, work, health and the rest of your interactions with the nature. Because the world we live in is defined by contracts, and even though it might seem stupid at first to put yourself through hardship intentionally, this type of hardship is a safe place, mostly. It is chosen and brings renewal, gladness to be alive and thankfulness for having the opportunity to choose it in the first place.

It is a privilege to be able to do it, but that’s not why it’s done. It is for the enrichment – mentally, spiritually and (sometimes) physically that often results. It helps to us grow and see how much we have to be thankful for.

Think of how often people, we don’t do things because we don’t know what the outcome is. We narrow down the options to remain in control but with that, potentially we reduce our experiences and can lose perspective. Leaping out of that narrow circle of existence can be achieved through these challenging situation and they expand its boundaries.

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