TCRNo7 – Kit list

Gear / Kit, Transcontinental


Lightweight inflatable matt
Bivvy bag
Sleeping bag


Bib shorts x 3
Jersey x 1
Base layer x 1
Socks x 2
Reflective gilet Moderate temperature and improve visibility.
I went for ventilated back and windproof front because of the heat.
Waterproof lightweight trousers
Waterproof jacket
Lightweight down jacket
Leg warmers
Arm warmers
Arm warmers (sun)Sun protection
BuffSun / cold
CapTCR Provided
Warm light hat
Fingerless cycling glovesThese are the best I could find with plenty of padding to protect the hands on long rides and from vibrations.
Thin full-finger cycling gloves
Latex glovesWaterproof / fixing bike
SPD cycling MTB shoesComfier to walk in
SunglassesClear and dark lenses
Toe coversCold
Small light backpackFor groceries and extra food/water


Ibuprofen x 1 blister
Imodium x 1 blister
Paracetamol x 1 blister
Neosporin x 1Saddle sores
Suncream x 1 mini bottleMore on the way
Vaseline x 1 metal tin
Chamois cream x 1 container
Plasters x 10
Tweezers x 1(ticks + instructions to remove them)
Electrolytes x 2containers
Water purification tablets x 3Just in case


HelmetLightweight / good ventilation
Reflective giletPositioning of reflective strips is critical (think when you’re in the aero bars)
Dynamo front light
Dynamo rear light
Cateye BarEnd Light x 2Just extra if others fail or on dark nights
Head battery torch lightFor nights, kit sorting, backup front light
Rear battery light x 2Rear battery light x 2
Reflective red tape on the back of the frame
Reflective tape on the wheels
Tape reflective red strips on the back of the shoesThis works great as you don’t have to think about it, they are always there.
Alternatively reflective bands on the ankles or socks work well too.

Navigation & Electronics

Wahoo ELEMNT GPS unit
SIM card with mobile data for all of EuropeDoesn’t cover Serbia (non-EU), required to buy one there
Phone + waterproof cover
Multi USB charger w/ 4 portsEU adapter
Mini USB cable x 2Power bank & Wahoo (one plays spare too)
USB C cableFor the phone
Wired headphones x 2One is backup (luxury)
Di2 charger
External battery bank
Spare lithium AAA batteries x 3For headlamp, rear flashing lights and tracker
USB Charger

Tools & spares

Swiss army knifeHuntsman, allows to fix things
and also eat certain foods
NeedleVery light,
but can allow for fixing much
Allan keys multi-tool + chain toolAll in one. I have paid before
for not having a chain tool with me.
Tyre changing levers x 2
Spare tubes x 3Tried tubeless before the race,
but didn’t go well for me and also I don’t have the skills and experience to rely on it comfortably.
Tyre patches x 10 + glue
Duct tapeWrap it around the pump to save space
and have it handy
Electrical tapeSame as above
Quick chain link
Chain oil tubeClean and oil the chain every 500km to make it last. Tape the oil tube to the frame to save space.
Zip ties
SporkLove eating yogurts on the go or peanut butter.
Spare derailleur hanger
Spare brake pads
Polaris tiesInvaluable, strapped the oil tube, spare inner tubes and food to the bike.

Personal hygiene (lol)

Dental flossCan be used for sewing too
Travel toothpaste
Antibacterial wipes
Small soapUsed for washing clothes in a sink too


Driving license
Route planned by day w/ distances between towns;
w/ food stops available late/early;
w/ sleep options available late/early
Medical insuranceYellow Jersey
Doctor’s notes x 2One stays with the organisers, one with me
Photograph everything onto my phone and then email it to myself, as well as having hard copies. Passport included.
Bank cards (UK, EU) + fake oneFake is if I happen to get mugged
Cash – Euro x 250, Bulgarian leva x 100Small change. Most countries in Eastern Europe would accept Euros in worst case.


Saddle bagSleeping system and all the clothes go in here
Frame bagElectronics, documents, creams go here for easy access.
Food pouch (top tube)
Snack pouches x 2Most important ones on the go.
Food went in to eat/drink on the ride.
Water bottles x 42 are on the frame, 2 on the forks.
I had moments where the extra was useful,
but could have done with better water stops instead.

The bike

Kinesis Ride The Distance frame
Cane Creek eeSilk Seatpost
Ultegra Di2 groupset
PD-520 pedals
Absolute Black 30/46 chainrings set with postage included
Redshift suspension stem

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