24 July 2015 – Everydays on pause

I have had great fun doing the “everydays” project doing it for over a month now. It became the perfect platform for me to experiment, learn new technologies and generally switch off from other work.

However, I have decided to put the project on hold. The reason for that is that most of my attention is going towards a new online course that I am building, also managing existing projects, reading and maintaining my health (sleep, training, food). It comes a point where you can spread yourself too thin to manage everything efficiently and keep the quality up. When that happens it is time to let go of something for the benefit of the rest and this is the point where I am at.

I really liked this project and there are great benefits to be take from it, thus my plans are to return and continue it once the course is launched. I will be sure to update this page once that happens. Meanwhile you can browse bellow and see what I have been doing during the project’s length.


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