What do you need in a job?

A friend asked me yesterday to answer that question while deciding for themselves and here is my answer:

  1. To love doing the subject matter that i’m doing – to be passionate about that subject. Which means that I would be reading and being interested in it not only 9-5, but having it as part of who I am.
  2. A great team of enthusiastic and also passionate people that I can exchange ideas with and not be a “one of many”. And those ideas need to count and if good, get implemented.
  3. A leader/boss who can appreciate hard work and can allow for growth, who is also creative and not narrow minded.
  4. To be working towards something bigger than my own personal benefit Рa bigger company/project goal that i can aspire to and associate with.
  5. To be paid well enough to live comfortably and save a bit on the side for times of need or helping others that have the need.

What do you need in a job? Just leave a reply below and let me know.

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