The spa centre of pain

There are different kinds of stress, but one of the most deeply pestering and most damaging ones is a modern type of stress brought to us by the immediate connectedness to a large body of information. We see what goes around the world, we also have much more stability and security than people 100 years ago and we use that to plan. This is that stress, trying to work out and control how things will be at a time where you don’t know what factors play a role, if you will be there is even if you will be concerned with the same problems. But you stress and try to put all that unknown in a well organised plan and tell yourself that it will be ok. If you want to stop stressing and worrying think about this:

“Our main business is not to see what lies dimply at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand.”
– Thomas Carlile

This is the reason why trips like the one I did in Iceland are refreshing, because there is no long-term planning for years ahead. You only care about food, sleep and the weather for the next day or two. It is physically painful and exhausting, but it is an absolute five star spa treatment for your mental health and stress levels.

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