Donated birthday

I’ve decided to donate my birthday today. What does that mean? It means that I am asking anyone who would consider giving me a present to rather donate the money for it here. I have been lucky to have a family and grow loved and this is what I remember on my birthday.

However, there are other kids that do not have the same fate and I want to share with them, by using the money for my presents to give a present to each of them. I am still working on contacting the home, to make sure that there are no other more urgent needs they have but the end result will be a present for the kids there in some shape or form.

I am planning to go to the home in person and be a witness to the kids receiving their present(s).

This is not a high goal here, but if the sum raised does reach £200 I am planning to add another £200 from my own money and help make those kids happy.

Why would you donate? You don’t have to, there are many other causes out there, but this is specifically relevant if you wanted to give me a present and wasn’t sure how to do it. If you do, then this is one way. Thank you!

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