Adding PHP Twig syntax to Sublime 3

I needed to start working with Twig recently so I had to add syntax highlighting to Sublime for it. Pretty easy and the best tutorial I found was here:

1. Download

The files can be downloaded from

or you can also clone them with:

2. Installation

To install this bundle in Sublime Text, a few extra steps are required.

a) Open Sublime Text and in the Preferences menu click Browse Packages.

b) In the directory that was just opened, create a new directory PHP-Twig/.

c) Copy the content of the repo you downloaded into the directory you just created.

d) Move the contents of the PHP-Twig/Syntaxes/ directory to PHP-Twig/ (one directory up).

e) Restart Sublime Text.

3. Apply

To apply syntax highlighting on your Twig HTML files : Open a .html.twig file Go to View menu → SyntaxOpen all with current extension asHTML (Twig).


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